About Us

Based in Racine, WI beerMe was started by a beer loving college college student looking for a cool and unique gift for his brother’s wedding. When he couldn’t find his anything to fit the bill, he began brainstorming over a couple of beers and lit a candle. Several ideas were thought of when the concept for beerMe clicked and the process began. Within a month, the first set of candles were made and used at the wedding. The reception to the candles was amazing and more people began to ask about them and wanted to take them home.

Since then, a lot of serious testing and experimenting has gone into making these the best possible candles. From the wick, to the wax, to the fragrance, we do our best to ensure everything is the highest quality it can be. We believe it is our social responsibility to use products that are environmentally friendly and locally produced. We’ve put a lot time and effort into perfecting our craft, and we hope it is reflected in your experience with out candles.